Episode 6

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26th Oct 2020

The Business of Your Mind - Episode 6 (Feat: Andy Neary)

In this week's episode, Felipe welcomes on former MLB pitcher, keynote speaker, and performance coach Andy Neary to discuss habits that lead to a more successful life!

In this remarkable episode, Andy shares stories from his wealth of experience in baseball, business, and completing two Ironman Triathlons!

Sit back, relax, and allow Andy and Felipe to share tips on how to achieve your maximum performance in life!

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02:00 - Introducing Andy Neary as guest on the show

05:50 - Andy Neary's background and upbringing

08:45 - "How can you pitch when you're 5'6"!"

12:00 - Hernia story

22:30 - Growing up in a baseball family

25:30 - Good habits Andy utilizes in his life

27:30 - Addressing the negative noise in your life

31:00 - The people pulling you down have issues themselves

35:45 - You can control the environment you're in

40:00 - You need to control your morning

42:00 - The 3x3x3

44:00 - How to stick with good habits and not stray away after time

46:00 - Life is a long game, don't look for short-term results

54:00 - People are hungry for authenticity and transparency

57:50 - Life is about momentum, go get some and defeat your self-doubt

01:12:45 - Sports teams impacting people and their mindsets

01:17:00 - Being prepared is one of the most important things you can do

01:21:00 - The world doesn't owe you anything, so go out and earn it


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