Episode 5

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15th Oct 2020

The Business of Your Mind - Episode 5

In this week's episode, Felipe dives into the power of relationships. We all encounter an array of people throughout our lives. Some relationships are positive, while others can be negative. Felipe sheds light on how to differentiate between the two, as well as provide insight on how you can achieve more in life with the right people around you.


01:00 - Show overview

04:30 - Sometimes we have the wrong people in our life and we outgrow them

10:00 - I don't fear adversity, but I don't welcome it

15:00 - The problem with wanting to bring everyone along on your success journey

22:00 - Live and stay in the eye of the hurricane

34:30 - There is a certain level of commitment we have to one another

37:30 - The three key people that helped Felipe through his 2018 tragedies

49:25 - Look around and decide if those closest to you fir your current circumstances

52:00 - The best relationships happen when you are authentic and radically transparent

01:06:00 - When you're stuck in a grey area with someone, that's the most dangerous person in your life

01:09:00 - How far could you go if every relationship you had was in alignment with your life goals?

01:13:00 - Examine the quantity and quality of your relationships

01:18:00 - Closing remarks


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