Episode 8

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19th Nov 2020

The Business of Your Mind - Episode 8

In the eighth installment of The Business of Your Mind, Felipe tackles the sensitive issue of anxiety and the many forms it comes in. Anxiety is always present and it can be relentless.

Today, there are countless factors that are generating anxiety for people, including the recent presidential election, the COVID-19 global pandemic, economic downturn, and much more! To help you, Felipe dives into his personal experiences with anxiety and provides strategies to overcome these crippling feelings.

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02:30 - It's time to dig deep into the root of what is causing your anxiety

07:00 - Why worry about tomorrow, when you have no control over it

10:00 - Your mind can hinder you or it can propel you

16:50 - The vast majority of what we're anxious about never happens

23:30 - Parents can transfer anxious energy to their children

29:00 - I don't need to be anxious about what if, just what is

34:00 - Overcoming anxiety is a true empowerment of yourself

46:00 - The thoughts in your head need to be pushing you forward

50:30 - Focus on what you want in life

58:00 - Don't let your anxiety keep you from being the epitome of yourself

01:04:30 - Don't let someone else put F.U.D. into your life

01:10:00 - Every man puts on his pants one leg at a time

01:14:15 - We control more of our lives then we give ourselves credit for

01:22:00 - The conversation with your subconscious mind


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