Episode 10

Published on:

15th Dec 2020

The Business of Your Mind – Episode 10 (Feat: Che Brown)

This week Felipe and “the Happy Entrepreneur” Che Brown bring the energy and discuss the best ways to Develop a Champion Mindset.

They discuss the journey of entrepreneurship and having the strength to keep going no matter what’s in the way of your goals. Success is a team sport, so do your best to surround yourself with other top flight players that share your Championship Mindset.

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The Business of Your Mind
Learn how to control your mind so you can control your life! Your current situation is not your destiny!
Felipe Barganier brings nearly 20 years of knowledge from the insurance and financial service industries to The Success Network. As the CEO of GAB International, LLC, an insurance, employee benefits, retirement benefits and payroll provider, he is one of the only African-American founders of successful benefits brokerage firms. His work extends globally through GAB International, as well as his bestselling book "Breaking Through The Status Quo" - a compilation of industry best practices and influential advice to guide business owners.